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Meet the Milestones Team

Dedicated & Certified

licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care


Catherine White


Miss Cate has 20+ years experience as an early childhood educator and is the co-director & co-owner of Milestones.  Her love for teaching young children prompted her to open Milestones in 2017.  Miss Cate has a passion for children’s literature and loves to teach science while creating all sorts of special and fun projects.  Singing and doing arts & crafts with her students are also some of her favorite activities.  When she’s not at Milestones, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends and furry baby, Carter.

Theresa 2.PNG

Theresa DaSilva


Miss Theresa is a vastly experienced early childhood educator, bringing over a decade of expertise to her role as the co-director and co-owner of Milestones. Her passion for teaching is palpable, and her unique blend of calmness and exuberance endears her to both the students and staff. Her favorite activity with the students is outdoor play and exploration along with fostering a love for discovery. Fluent in Portuguese and equipped with numerous college credits in nursing, Miss Theresa's extensive knowledge and meticulous approach were pivotal in ensuring that Milestones exceeded state guidelines for COVID-19 safety measures.  Beyond her professional responsibilities, Theresa finds fulfillment in spending time with her family and friends, reading, watching sunsets at the beach and taking refreshing walks with her furry companion, Daisy.


Miss Erin


Before transitioning into her role as Director, Miss Erin served as an exceptional preschool teacher here at Milestones for many years. She brings a wealth of experience, boasting more than 12 years of working with children and holding a Bachelor of Science in Early Education from Pennsylvania State University. In addition to her vast experience at Milestones, she student taught at an environmentally-focused school in Lewistown, PA.  Outside of Milestones, she loves spending time with her family of six siblings, including three of whom are adopted. She can also be found spending time by the ocean.


Miss Lily A.


Miss Lily can be found most often in our Toddler 1 Classroom. She has over 5 years of experience working with young children. Some of Miss Lily's favorite things to do with her students are arts & crafts, dance, and yoga.  In her free time, Miss Lily loves to spend time with her favorite people - her little sister and her dogs! She also enjoys fishing and practicing yoga. 


Miss Lily W.


Miss Lily is an accomplished preschool educator with many  years of experience. She holds a current EEC teaching license and possesses a genuine passion for nurturing the development of toddlers and preschoolers. Her love for music shines through as she delights in serenading and playing the guitar for her young learners' enjoyment. One of Miss Lily's cherished activities with her students is the morning meeting, where she dedicates her time to teaching essential concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and the daily weather. Beyond her professional role, she finds joy in sharing quality time with family and friends while watching movies and savoring popcorn. Furthermore, Miss Lily is an avid outdoors enthusiast, enjoying camping, mountain hiking, and embracing any opportunity to immerse herself in nature.


Miss Lexi


Miss Lexi is a dedicated educator with a strong background in early childhood education. Her passion for fostering creativity in young minds shines through in her favorite activities with her students.  Some of these include imaginative arts and crafts projects and lively dance parties to promote fun and physical activity.

Outside of her professional life at Milestones, Miss Lexi finds joy in the company of her beloved kitten, Kiwi. A fun and heartwarming note about Miss Lexi is that she was once a preschool student of Miss Kate! 


Miss Kaylin


Miss Kaylin is an accomplished early education teacher with extensive experience.  She specializes in educating children under the age of 3 and in doing so, draws upon her personal experience as a devoted mother to her own son, Rowan. Her classroom is always filled with creativity as she especially enjoys painting with her students.  Outside of Milestones, Miss Kaylin loves spending time with her son, three beloved French Dogs and spending time at the beach.


Miss Kelsey


Miss Kelsey is one of our extraordinary infant teachers. She has 18+years of experience in early childhood education having worked with children as young as 12 weeks to5 years of age. A few of her favorite things to do with her students include music, singing songs, and playing musical instruments. When she's not at Milestones, she enjoys tending to her garden and houseplants as well as going to Phish concerts. She also enjoys reading, journaling, and spending time with her boyfriend and two cats, Paul & Meg.


Miss Monica


Miss Monica is a seasoned early childcare educator with a longstanding commitment to the field. She is licensed from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care and is actively working towards a degree in Early Education & Care at NECCO. Her extensive experience includes years of babysitting and as teacher helper here at Milestones.  Miss Monica enjoys outside time, creating arts & crafts projects, and reading captivating and engaging books with her students.  In her free time, she loves listening to music and going to concerts with her family and friends.


Miss Briana


Miss Brianna is a dedicated and experienced early education teacher with notable expertise in caring for infants and toddlers  She especially enjoys engaging her students in activities such as arts and crafts, with a focus in painting.  Creating curriculum around sensory experiences is also another passion of hers.  Beyond her work, Miss Brianna finds joy in walking her dog, Ottis, playing with her two cats, Jinx and Amen, listening to  music, and spending time with her family          and friends.


Miss Jadelyn

Classroom Floater

Miss Jadelyn is a versatile team player and lends a hand wherever needed. Her flexibility and willingness to help make her a beloved facilitator with our infant, toddler, and preschool students. She is licensed as an early education teacher and particularly enjoys reading with the students. Outside of Milestones, she loves spending time with her French bulldog, Fendi, traveling, swimming, reading and being in nature.  Additionally, Miss Jadelyn is one of five siblings, which likely adds to her strong foundation, understanding and knowledge of how she successfully supports children's interactions. 


Miss Tatyana


Miss Tatyana is an experienced early childhood educator who previously operated an At-Home Daycare.  She is the youngest of eleven siblings which is evident as her family-oriented heart shines through in her teaching.  Miss Tatyana loves creating memorable moments in her classroom by using a bubble machine and music which fosters joy and learning. When she's not at Milestones, she enjoys sea glass hunting in Gloucester, spending time with her family & friends, and caring for her furry children Opal the dog and Kevin Ophelia the rabbit.


Miss Tanya


Miss Tanya is an accomplished early education educator with over a decade of experience in early childcare and elementary education. Some of her prior experience includes running her own home daycare for nearly 5 years. Miss Tanya is dedicated to nurturing both the intellectual and emotional growth of her students.  When she's not Milestones, she relishes family time with her husband and three children, reading, camping, hiking, crafting for local fairs and spending time with her 9 year old canine companion, Chevy.


Miss Tacia


Miss Tacia is a dedicated early learning educator who brings enthusiasm and creative flair to the classroom. Her commitment to fostering young minds is evident in her ability to inspire through creativity. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys quality time with family, friends and her beloved cat, Penny. In addition she loves all thing relaxation and holistic well being. 


Miss Diana


Miss Diana is a highly accomplished curriculum leader with a Masters in Education from UNH. With over twelve years of teaching experience, Miss Diana is a dynamic educator who particularly loves reading stories, singing songs, and fostering creativity in her students. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys reading, cooking, swimming, gunkholing, tide pooling, bird watching and spending time with her golden retriever, Sunshine. 


Miss Kaitlin


Miss Kaitlin is a dedicated early education teacher who brings passion and experience to her classroom. As a former assistant teacher, she excels at creating engaging learning environments and delights her students with music, dance, and circle time activities .  In addition, Miss Kaitlin is a mama of two kiddos, aged 3 and 12, and thus, understands the intricacies of early childhood development.  Beyond her teaching role, she enjoys coaching football, camping, documentaries, and all things autumn. Halloween holds a special place in her and her family's heart. 


Miss Breanna


Miss Breanna is an accomplished early education teacher with a background in child psychology.  Her teaching philosophy revolves around engaging students in outdoor activities and nurturing their creativity through arts and crafts. Miss Breanna's passion for child psychology and dedication to providing a well-rounded educational experience make her a standout educator.  Additionally, she has vast gymnastic coaching experience having worked with children aged 18 months to 18 years, in both recreational and competitive settings.  Outside of Milestones, she embraces the outdoors, running, and the joys of chasing her active toddler, Millie. Her two pets, Kai and Penelope, also share in her adventures.


Miss Taylor

Assistant Teacher

Miss Taylor is an accomplished early education assistant with a profound dedication to her field. She excels in fostering essential qualities in her students while emphasizing kindness towards their peers. Her warm and composed demeanor, coupled with a positive attitude, creates an inviting and nurturing atmosphere for the students she interacts with. In addition, she is actively pursuing higher education to enhance her expertise in early childhood development. Outside of Milestones, Miss Taylor loves listening to music, spending quality time spent with her four canine companions, creative painting, and working out. 


Miss Keiana


Miss Keiana is a dedicated early education teacher with a passion for nurturing young minds. Her teaching philosophy centers on fostering creativity through arts and crafts and encouraging outdoor exploration, creating a dynamic and nurturing environment for her students to thrive. Miss Keiana's commitment to continuous learning and unwavering dedication to early childhood education make her a valued educator, shaping the future of young learners with warmth, care, and enthusiasm.  Beyond the classroom, she enjoys walking her nearly 2-year-old Aussie Doodle, Beauguard, basking in beach sun, and exploring her love for fashion.


Miss Alicia


Miss Alicia is a highly dedicated preschool teacher with over 20 years of experience in early childhood education. She holds a Bachelor's degree from St. Michael's College with expertise spanning across infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-k students. Miss Alicia's teaching philosophy centers on child-initiated long-term investigations, where she nurtures curiosity and empowers students to explore their interests, setting them on a path of lifelong learning. Beyond the classroom, she enjoys cooking, attending live music events, and indulging in novels. She is a loving pet owner to Stanley Tucci, her cat, and Churchill, her loyal dog. r.


Miss Kassadi


Miss Kassadi is an experienced early childhood teacher with extensive experience in babysitting and working in toddler classrooms.  She is well-versed in fostering a safe and stimulating environment for young minds. She especially enjoys teaching art and circle time activities, providing her students with opportunities for self-expression and social development.  Beyond her professional role, she is an avid crocheter, knitter, and hiker.  Miss Kassadi is also a dedicated pet parent to one dog and two cats and enjoys watching movies, cooking, and playing video games.


Miss Grace

Assistant Teacher 

Miss Grace, an assistant teacher, proudly hails from Newburyport High School and is currently pursuing her education part-time at NECCO. With a wealth of childcare experience derived from years of babysitting and nurturing three younger sisters, she has cultivated a deep passion for early childhood education. Miss Grace's dedication to fostering young minds is evident in her love for crafting and singing, which she joyfully shares with her students to encourage creativity and engagement. Beyond the classroom she loves going to the beach, amusement parks and concerts with her dog, Rio.  


Miss Ashley


Miss Ashely is a passionate early education teacher who is currently pursuing her higher education at Southern New Hampshire University. She has extensive experience caring for children under the age of 5, including her own daughter. In her dynamic classroom, Miss Ashley's creativity shines through via crafts, outdoor adventures, and joyful sessions of singing and dancing, all aimed at nurturing young minds. Beyond the classroom, she enjoys leisurely beach walks, summer camping, spending time with her pets which consist of a her dog Ninja, Zakian the lizard, Storm the cat, and a nameless turtle. Whether it's at SNHU or in the park with her daughter, Miss Ashley's dedication to early education is unwavering, exemplifying her commitment to shaping the future generation of learners.


Miss Shyla


Miss Shyla is a dedicated early education teacher with a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for nurturing young minds. Her educational journey took her to Mitchell College in CT and Northern Essex Community College in MA, where she honed her skills in childcare. Shyla's extensive background includes babysitting for family and friends, providing dedicated care to an autistic child as a nanny, and years of service at licensed centers in the area. Beyond the classroom, she finds joy in hiking, dog-walking, quality time with family, fishing, beach outings, and kayaking adventures. Miss Shyla's love for her two dogs knows no bounds, and she brings that same warmth and enthusiasm to her students, delighting in creative crafts, outdoor activities, and the magic of music. In her free time, she finds relaxation in cleaning, leisurely walks, and family kayaking excursions, all reflecting her commitment to fostering growth and well-being in every aspect of life.

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