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  • Are you licensed?
    Milestones Childcare & Preschool LLC is a licensed provider in the state of Massachusetts. We received our license to operate from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care.
  • Do you have a wish list or donations list?
    We do! If you would like to donate something in particular, just let us know. Otherwise, here are some items on our Amazon list (click or copy and paste the following link into your browser, add the item or items you would like to donate to your cart, pay and the items will ship directly to us) Thank you so much for your generosity and donating!
  • What are your hours?
    Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • What are your child to teacher ratios?
    The child to teacher ratio changes based on the age group of the class: Infant Room: 1 teacher to 3 students or 2 teachers to 7 students. Toddler Room: 1 teacher to 4 students or 2 teachers to 9 students. Preschool Room: 1 teacher to 10 students.
  • Is there a weekly learning plan/curriculum?
    Yes, our teachers create and follow a state guided curriculum for all of our classrooms.
  • What food and drinks are provided?
    At Milestones Childcare & Preschool, it is a requirement that parents provide snacks and lunches for their children. We kindly request parents to supply both a morning (AM) snack and an afternoon (PM) snack. Water will be consistently provided throughout the day for our students.
  • How do you communicate with parents?
    Milestones utilizes a few different means of communication between staff and parents. Our main form of communication is through our app, Brightwheel, which allows our staff and parents to communicate quickly and effectively. In addition, we also communicate via telephone, email, and our private Facebook Page “Parents & Teachers of Milestones”.
  • What supplies do I need to supply?
    Prior to your child’s first day at Milestones, a supply of diapers and wipes can be dropped off school. Also, if your child is an infant, any formula, bottles or crib sheets can be dropped off to remain in your child’s cubby. We recommend 3 extra changes of clothes, lunch, AM & PM snacks, labeled water bottle, crib sheet/light blanket for rest time, labeled sunscreen & bug spray and a bathing suit/towel (in the summer time).
  • Do you administer medication?
    With an Individual Health Plan Completed in your child's file and a doctor’s approval, trained staff members can indeed administer medication.
  • Are your employees licensed and background checked?
    Yes, all of our employees are licensed, background checked and fingerprinted by the Department of Early Education & Care prior to being offered employment.
  • How can I pay my weekly tuition payment?
    Weekly tuition payments can be made electronically through our partnership with the Brightwheel App.
  • What happens if I'm late picking up my child?
    We do ask that you please arrive before closing time each day. If we need to stay open due to a late pick up, that means we need to staff for that student. Therefore, please reference the Milestones Parent Handbook for late pick up fees.
  • What should I do if my child is sick? Sick policy?
    We kindly direct your attention to our Parent Handbook for a comprehensive overview of our sick policy. You can conveniently locate this information under the 'Admissions' section.
  • Can I bring in a treat for my child’s birthday?
    We love to embrace the celebration of our students' birthdays. We kindly request that you inform us at least a day in advance if you plan on bringing a special treat so that we can consider the presence of students with allergies. Providing sufficient notice enables us to make appropriate arrangements and offer substitutes for students with sensitivities to allergies.
  • What is the sign in/out policy?
    We use the Brightwheel App for contactless sign in and out. The app will generate a 4 digit pin which parents will use in order to check in and out their child each day.
  • Can I sit with my child in class?
    Here at Milestones, we highly encourage parents visit their children at any point during the day. However, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and for the safety of the Milestones staff and students, we are not allowing entry into the school for any non-essential adult, including parents.
  • How can I request more information?
    Please reach out and ask for either Theresa or Kate at 978-572-5186 or
  • Are children supervised at all times?
    Absolutely! All students are supervised at all times.
  • What is the daily schedule?
    Please check out our Tab titled “Rooms” to get a detailed look at each classroom’s daily schedule.
  • Have the employees been trained in CPR/First Aid?
    Yes, all staff have been trained and are up to date and current with their CRP/First Aid License. We re-certify all of our staff once a year.
  • Are there rules on what I can pack my child for lunch?
    While our school has not implemented a school-wide peanut-free policy, it is important to note that specific classrooms may have students with allergies. In such instances, those classrooms may enforce a no-nut policy. Upon assignment to a classroom, you will receive notification regarding any students with allergies and the corresponding guidelines for packing food.
  • How much time do the kids get to play outside?
    All enrolled students, including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-K, have the opportunity to enjoy 45 minutes of outdoor time both in the morning and afternoon. Additionally, our daily schedule incorporates dedicated periods for gross motor activities and library time. For those with a permission slip on file, we also enjoying taking nature walks on the bike trail.
  • Can I check in throughout the day?
    You can absolutely check in throughout the day. We have partnered with the Brightwheel App which allows parents to have a look into their child’s day virtually.
  • Will I receive progress reports?
    Milestones staff conduct progress reports on their students every few months. A copy will be sent home with your child 😊
  • What are the cleaning policies? COVID Cleaning Policy?
    Every evening, we conduct cleanings of each classroom upon closure. Our protocol includes weekly bleach baths for toys. Additionally, a professional cleaning service comes three times a week to ensure the entire facility is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.
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